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The Home Appliance Industry in Europe 2020-2021

This report is a deep look into sustainability, digitalisation and European competitiveness as fostered by the home appliance sector.

The Home Appliance Industry of EU Member States in 2020

€ 56.597 M

Direct & indirect value added to GDP

€ 54.679 M

Turnover in the EU


Number of enterprisesin the EU


Number of direct employees


Number of direct & indirect employees

€ 32.111*

Wages & salaries*
2019 data, per employee

Data reflects “Manufacture of domestic appliances” as defined in Eurostat NACE rev.2: 27.5, including Manufacture of electric domestic appliances (NACErev.2: 27.51) and Manufacture of non-electric domestic appliances (NACE rev.2: 27.52).

Pillar 1

Sustainable Lifestyles

Sustainability and environment protection are priorities in Europe’s transition to a climate-neutral region. APPLiA has been successfully contributing to this change, by pursuing the circularity of the industry and engaging with a wide variety of actors active in the challenge.

Pillar 2

Living the Connected Home

Digitalisation is shaping the future of Europe and of its citizens. The number of smart homes is constantly growing and consumers recognise both an advantage in using connected appliances and a potential for making theirlives easier. 31 million Europeans will be using smart appliances in 2024.

Pillar 3

Accelerating Europe’s Growth

Our industry thrives in a system based on free and fairtrade, both among the EU’s Member States and with third countries.

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