APPLiA - Home Appliance Europe is a Brussels-based trade association that provides a single, consensual voice for the home appliance industry in Europe.  

By promoting innovative, sustainable policies and solutions, the industry is responsible for the development of cutting-edge technologies that will redefine the European home of tomorrow.  

In conjunction with its Direct Member companies and National Associations, APPLiA has helped build the sector into an economic powerhouse, with an annual turnover of EUR 67 billion, over EUR 1.4 billion invested in R&D activities and nearly 1 million people involved.

Dr Peter Göetz

APPLiA President

Alongside Europe banking on innovation as a driving force in enabling the roll-out of the twin transition to a climate neutral economy, this report portrays the 4.0 developments and progresses made by the home appliance industry in Europe to enhance circularity and facilitate the implementation of a EU policy framework for a circular economy that preserves the EU Single Market, competition, and innovation at all levels, confirming the sector as a lead actor in a fast-paced global economy. By the numbers, the latest steps moved by the industry to untap the full value of the energy transition.

Paolo Falcioni

APPLiA Director General

Squaring the circle of climate targets and industrial prosperity is the foremost challenge of our time. And this has to do with advancing sustainable lifestyles, enabling a safe connected home and accelerating Europe’s growth. Funding pillars of the home appliance industry, these objectives function as key drivers for the sector, towards a more prosperous future in Europe and the wider world. The 6th edition of the home appliance industry annual report provides a tangible update on the improving trends of the sector in each of the above mentioned areas, with an eye at reaching the EU’s 2030 climate ambition.

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